Thread forming RS-TITE

The special design of RS-TITE is  a thread forming screw in the shape of a triangle at the tip but circular at the body under the neck. RS-TITE supports improvement of work efficiency and quality with smooth screw fastening and high tightening torque.


1)  RS-TITE is a thread forming screw which provides high maximum tightening torque, and  prevents  from screw stripping.

2)  The use of RS-TITE reduces fastening cost without requiring female threading.
3)  With wide torque adjusting range,  RS-TITE is suitable for automatic fastening machine.


1) In the case where elimination of tap work is desired, RS-TITE is one of the best choices.
2) RS-TITE is suitable for products requiring high tightening torque and maintenance work.
3) RS-TITE is usually applied to  Information & communication, electric home appliance, AV, OA equipment, automobile, etc.