Tapping Screw for Plastics


Trilobular Tapping B-TITE

B-tite is a trilobular tapping screw, available for both sheet metal and plastic fastening.

Trilobular Tapping P-TITE

P-tite is a trilobular tapping screw especially for plastic work pieces.
P-tite helps provide quick speed of screwing, and improve enabling working efficiency.


GIZA-TITE is a thread forming tapping screw for plastics, providing a high loose-proof effect.

Tapping EP-TITE

EP-TITE is a tapping screw for super engineering plastics, a solution for anti-cracking of high-strength plastics.

Tapping M-TITE

M-TITE is a tapping screw for plastic, which reduces the installation torque and disperses the stress in the direction perpendicular to the axis, thus preventing the plastic boss from being cracked.

Tapping PC Screw

PC SCREW is designed to provide strong fastening and high loose-proof effect for soft thermoplastic plastics.

Hi-Lo Thread Tapping P-TITE II

P-TITE II helps prevent cracking of boss and failure of female threads, providing fast fastening speed and stable workability. Repetitive use is available.


Eliminate collars and insert nuts for Self-tapping screws